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Chic Designs & Fabulous Events specializes in providing full service event planning. We work together with all of our clients not just to provide a service but also building a friendship, so that you can enjoy the planning process. We can take a passive role and simply provide guidance on items where you may need assistance. Or you may decide that you would like for us to provide you with full-service event planning where we take an active role in planning and supervising your entire event from start to finish. Regardless of what decision you make we will make sure that your event is one that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

With Chic Designs & Fabulous Events “Every Event has a PLATINUM touch”


Nicole & Mark will be tying THE KNOT this weekend:) So exciting...here is a little blurb about my CHIC & FABULOUS couple:

About Mark and I (written by the Bride):
Mark is originally from Smithtown on Long Island, NY and I am from East Hanover, NJ.  We both moved to Florida when we were young and grew up in the Tampa Bay area. We were introduced at our high school prom through mutual friends (who are actually the best man and MOH in our wedding!!). We both told our friends we thought the other was cute so they made it their mission to play matchmakers. After our first date (and him surviving the interrogation from my strict Irish-Italian father), we were inseparable! After high school, Mark stayed home to attend USF and I moved to Orlando to attend UCF. Through the distance, we remained closer then ever and luckily we got to see each other nearly every weekend. After college, I moved back to Tampa where we both got jobs (Mark works as a Sales Consultant for Tech Data and I am a Media Buyer at Ad Partners, a local ad agency). After 7 years of dating, Mark proposed to me on December 11, 2010, at Millennium Park in Chicago (yes, in a park in the middle of winter!). We are looking forward to our wedding and spending the rest of our lives together :)

About Vanessa (Vanessa Leigh Photography and also my MOH):
Vanessa has been passionate about photography since a young age. She was always that girl who made everyone stop for a picture or would make everyone stop for her to take pictures:) She enjoys doing engagement sessions and taking photos of people, pet photo sessions, taking pictures of landscapes and anything to do with Disney. She goes to the parks as often as possible to take photos of the parks and their surroundings. One of her photos was published in a Disney brochure a few years ago! She hopes to one day turn her passion and talents into a full time career.